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Jennifer Aniston doing the absolut hunk
prachisrk wrote in ohnotheydidnt

Jennifer Aniston has reportedly found love again. According to reports the actress and ‘Sex and the City’ star Jason Lewis are dating. The couple were spotted having an “intimate” dinner in NYC recently.

“They’ve met a few times. He thinks she’s gorgeous and they just clicked. It’s funny how much they have in common,” a source says. “Jen seems to really like Jason, but so far they’ve met in secret as Jen hates the pressure her fame puts on all of her relationships.”

Aniston’s former flame Vince Vaughn recently revealed the reason he and the actress broke up was because of the media. Her divorce with Brad Pitt and his relationship with Angelina Jolie has also been highly publicized.


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Mmmmmmmm, nice pick.

Though I have to say, if Jen says she hates the pressure the media puts on her relationship, then this person is a bitch for coming out.

mmmm.... id take a few shots from that bottle

I don't massively hate Jennifer Aniston like most of the people in this community -- in fact, I rather like her -- but IAWTC.

yeah, he and Rosario were just too beautiful together.
I really wanted them to breed some genetically perfect child.

I loved his character in SatC

Maybe it was kind of dark and the chin made him think she was a man?
Idk, that's what I tell myself happened with Z. Quinto and Rumer Willis.

A while back, someone spotted him making out with her in a club.
He must have been high, and drunk, and blind and possibly into bestiality, idk.

(Deleted comment)
I feel like he is not that intelligent. But people used to think that about her.

I bet she is all about fucking hotties (ie. Brad). Vince Vaughn was just a fluke.

yeah, but vince vaughn is hot in his own way

He's such a bad actor. And I thought he was dating some little girl.

I think that was a sick rumor.
It was Michelle Trachtenberg (I know I didnt spell her name right.)

i don't get her appeal. she's freaking ugly. and always plays the same character. she will ALWAYS be rachel!

i dont think shes always ugly. sometimes on friends she looks good but yeah most of the time i dont get it.

i don't think she's ugly but i dont see the appeal with her either.

Can some please just put her on a sitcom again? Before she gets too old and then it's just sad and desperate.

I hope not, just for the lulz

I doubt it.
I think she's keeping the eternal flame burning that Brad and Jen will get back together and raise Shiloh in a happy ever after finale.

TBQH Smith Jared is my dream boyfriend.

anyone know how to embed daily motion videos? their code never works for me =(

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