First Pics of Brit Arriving for Parenting Class - With Uppers in Her Purse!

Britney Arriving at Beverly Hills Hotel for Parenting Class

Britney Spears arrived at the Beverly Hills Hotel this morning around 11:30, to attend a court-ordered parenting class with Kevin. While pulling in to the hotel, X17 photogs snapped a pic of Brit's open purse, containing a package of the prescription medication Provigil.

                               O HAI PROVIGIL!


Who the hell arrives at a PARENTING CLASS with fucking UPPERS in her purse, exposed for the paparazzi?!?!?!?!?! OMG, and it's not even Adderall... Provigil's the shit that college kids buy from the crazy homeless man with the briefcase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, I forgot to add the best part of X17's commentary: "
We have no idea if the medication is for Britney, but if so, we hope it's nothing serious!" Yeah, I think it's a little thing called Drugus Addictionitis...