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Hayden Christensen: Homo Say What?

It must be hard being gay and the star of a mega film franchise. There isn't exactly a playbook that tells you how to handle that very unique situation. But, we think that Hayden Christensen has handled himself quite well.

It's pretty much an open secret in Hollywood, where we used to live, that Hayden is a big homo. And, unfortunately for Perez, he has a boyfriend!

Hayden is much adored by Ted Casablancas and other gossips that love to do blind items about him, such as the most recent one, where he was seen kissing his boyfriend on the streets of West Hollywood. Shocker!!

In a recent interview, Hayden ADRESSES THE GAY FACTOR. He says, "I don't say anything. My perspective is that if it's not true, then I'm OK with it, and I get a laugh out of it."

We applaud Hayden. He's unafraid to answer the gay question, and his non-denial is quite the opposite of what some other Idol has said in the past.

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Edit: Hayden's boyfriend?