Milla looks great pregnant........

Milla's taken on motherhood isn't a complete divergence from her on-screen persona, though. Asked what trait she hopes her unborn daughter will inherit, she cites her enthusiasm for martial arts.

"I'm going to have her do it from a very early age," promises the feisty screen beauty, who wants the little girl to know what it's like "to be strong and limber".

On her pregnancy and daughter-to-be: I thought making action films was challenging, but this puts all of that in second place! I mean it’s hard man. Women are amazing! I think it’s so incredible to feel my baby moving. Just the whole feeling of being pregnant. I’ve discovered what it is to be a real woman, that’s for sure.

On baby weight
: I’m definitely not going to take it too quickly. I don’t want to do anything that’s dangerous for me or my baby. [I'm] pretty confident [I'll] be ready to go and make movies [next spring].

On advice: [The best advice was] don’t sweat the small stuff. Just look at the big picture and don’t stress out too much.

Future plans for baby: Martial arts! 

I'm going to have her do it from a very early age. I want her to know what it's like to be strong and limber.