"Grindhouse" DVD Info

Comes out September 18th. :D My mistake. Death Proof is in stores September 18th, and Planet Terror is in stores October 16th.

EDIT: Special features!

Quentin Tarantino's serial-killer homage to the old school car chase film, Death Proof will hit shelves with over 30 minutes of additional, never-before-seen footage including the maddening "missing reel" (containing the excised lapdance sequence) as well as a black and white segment in the film's second act. The DVD will hit on September 18, 2007 for a price of $29.95. Features will include:

-Finding Quentin's Gals
-The Guys of Death Proof
-Kurt Russell as Stuntman Mike
-Introducing Zoe Bell
-Quentin's Greatest Collaborator: Editor Sally Menke
-Double Dare trailer
-International Poster Gallery

Meanwhile, the Robert Rodriguez zombie entry, Planet Terror, will attack with more footage, deleted scenes, a full commentary and the infamous missing reel. That disc will drop on October 16, 2007 for a price of $29.95 and its features will include:

-Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Robert Rodriguez
-International trailer
-Deleted Scenes
-Cooking School
-10-Minute Film School
-The Stunts
-The Make-up and Effects
-The Badass Babes
-The Renegade Guys
-The Costumes
-The Production Design

source: x_grindhouse_x