LFO's Brad Fischetti stands up for Lou Pearlman

UMM... at least crazy fraudman Lou Pearlman has one fan in his corner...

Justin Timberlake once said of experience with Pearlman: "I was being monetarily raped by a Svengali." Did you feel that way as far your experience with Pearlman serving as manager for LFO is concerned?
"...It's unfortunate that the relationship between Lou and BSB, *NSYNC and LFO had to essentially end over money because for some time there, Lou headed up quite an empire. I think at least one or two members from each band was able to redevelop a friendship with Lou after the legal battles, but the business relationship was clearly never the same."

How do you feel about Pearlman serving jail time while his case is prepared?
"To be honest, it bothers me tremendously. Not only to see my friend on TV being lead away in handcuffs, but by the way the majority of the media has made a spectacle out of his arrest."

And HAD to include this... {ew}

[ [ SOURCE  - AOL Music's PopEater ] ]