Graduation Day.

01. Time To Leave (Intro)
02. Up In It (featuring John Legend and Miri Ben-Ari)
03. SKIT #1
04. Make Me Over
05. Homecoming (featuring Chris Martin)
06. Another Time Too Soon (featuring Jay-Z)
07. Can't Tell Me Nothing (featuring Young Jeezy)
08. Egotistical (featuring Akon)
09. SKIT #2
10. Stronger
11. Street Scene (featuring Common and Eminem)
12. Learn The Insides
13. Into The Fall
14. Top Of The World (featuring MYSTERY GUEST and Ne-Yo)
15. A Way To Get Through
16. Bottom
17. Stay Strapped (featuring The Game)
18. SKIT #3
19. ??? (featuring MYSTERY GUEST)
20. Voices Linger
21. Bittersweet (featuring John Mayer) [Bonus Track]



EDIT: Cover and Tracklisting are subject to change, obviously.
And according to this the cover and track listing is fake. SRY BB'Z.