Blind Item

A great buzz was generated before this rapper released his album, so much so, that he purchased numerous luxury items (including bling) on credit, anticipating a huge cash flow. Although the album had strong sales it’s first week, it fell off the charts within the next few weeks due to illegal downloading.

Now, this rapper is in debt with jewelers, casinos and creditors. It’s doubtful that he can recover because he alienates the people who can help him: Promoters, agents and the fans who buy his music. It seems as if he has an intense hatred for his fans, he’s been in numerous unreported altercations with fans who simply ask for his autograph.

He or his bodyguard-either curse out fans, push them aside roughly or threaten them with their lives.

My guess is:


His album has sold a dismal 145k copies since it's debut and people were saying he was gonna "bring New York back". Guess the big apple's gonna have to try again.

Here's his one and only hit: