finally proof that zac efron and vanessa hudgens are together.

From Popstar!'s Myspace:
Zac + Vanessa = ZANESSA. Yessa!
In our next printed issue after our poster special, JUL07, you will find confirmation of what we have known for a long time but have resisted saying outright (despite lots of hints): Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens have been dating off and on (mostly on) since High School Musical 1.

We never confirmed it only because they never confirmed it publicly, even though it's been an open secret to everyone around them and to everyone in the entertainment biz. Even their fans are aware of it—75% of you voted on our site at that you thought they were dating.

Popstar! was the first mag to promote "Zanessa" and we always did so respectfully—never revealing private details that we have access to, or using sneaky photos (that are out there) proving they're seeing each other. We also didn't want to use other stars' interviews to "leak" the info because that would be silly since we already knew the truth.

After seeing Zac and Vanessa in the "Say OK" video, that kind of made it hard to pretend they were not an item! It was like when Justin & Britney and J.Lo & Marc Anthony were dating but wouldn't say first, you go along with it. But enough's enough once everyone knows.

Still, we'll be treating them with a lot of respect and won't publish any deeply private things about them. So far, we have had no complaints from the cutest couple ever. We love them as individuals and as a real-life couple. Don't you?

Just wanted to let you 42,000 or so friends of ours on MySpace hear it from us here first before all our hundreds of thousands of readers hear it in JUL07!

More details will follow when and if Zac and Vanessa speak further about dating...

And from J-14:
According to up-and-coming hottie Max Theriot, the jig is up for HSM's two gorgeous stars---Zanessa lives! J-14 interviewed Max, who appears in this spring's The Astronaut Farmer and who you'll see starring as Emma Roberts' boy toy in June's Nancy Drew movie. During the interview, J-14 asked Max whether or not he and Emma used any tricks to amp up their on-screen chemistry, because Zac and Vanessa had mentioned to us that their HSM director made them watch Romeo & Juliet together to increase theirs. Max's response? 'Oh, Zac and Vanessa, they were dating anyway. Well, they started dating after (High School Musical was filmed]. I'm sure, so there was some chemistry there!' Ah-ha! We knew it!"