Stacy London, the next Rachael Ray?

"Stacy London, co-host of TLC's What Not to Wear, is getting her own weekly
show. It's your typical talk show format with celebrity guests and feature
segments, only Stacy's show will focus more on fashion and beauty. She has
already shot at least one episode, which is packed with celebrity guests Jane
Krakowski, Lisa Rinna, show designer Kristen Lee and author Ron Geraci. Beauty
and fashion segments include trying out fashion trends on regular folks and, of course, makeovers.

I love Stacy on What Not to Wear and she has held her own pretty well when she
has appeared on Oprah to talk about jeans and great clothing finds. Stacy brings
a lot of sass to What Not to Wear and I hope that carries over to her talk show.

Shut Up! It's Stacy London premieres Friday, April 6 at 10 pm on TLC after What
Not to Wear."

personally, i think she is the next annoying Rachael Ray but of fashion rather
than food. her phrase "Shut up!" is already annoying..