Good+bad plastic surgery in Hollywood

I was looking through goodplasticsurgery   and found some interesting celebs who I never noticed had work done. You decide whether the change is for the best or worst.

We'll start with Adriana Lima, Victoria's Secret's favourite "virgin"
She was flat-chested when she began, but suddenly grew a pair of sizable ta-tas.
Whether it was a growth spurt or implants, she's still hot as hell.

Ahh, Brittany Murphy, one of Hollywood's best ugly duckling to swan stories. She started out as a fug in Clueless, then grew into the hottie we know and (at least I) love now. But somewhere along the way, did she get some plastic titties?

Bryce Dallas Howard resembled the redneck girl next door before a little nose work and softer makeup.
Plastic surgery and more expensive makeup can't hide how shitty of an actress you are, sweety!

I don't know if Chelsea Clinton qualifies as "celebrity" but she used to be fugly fug, then got braces+hair straightener and is easier on the eyes these days.

Remember when Christina was the sweet poptart next door? She also used to have a fat little nose, and suddenly the tip is far more sculpted. Hmm...

Chyna was a man before, and now she's just a tranny with a smaller nose and bigger lips. Her clit still puts most mens' penises to shame.

Cindy Margolis was a victim of the 80's-gaudy makeup, thick eyebrows, mile high hair. Then she discovered plastic surgery and peroxide, and hasn't looked back since. Doesn't even look like the same person, does it?

Claire Danes shaved a few inches of fat off her nose and fixed the bridge. Whatever, she still sucks as an actress.

Courtney Cox plumped up her lips with collagen, and looks a thousand times better. Thin lips=kinda euw.

Elisha Cuthbert got her nose fixed, and is now a thousand times hotter than before.

Giselle finally lives up to her lingerie model title and gets some phony knockers. Well played, Giselle.

Halle better stop the nose shrinking before she ends up like Michael Jackson!

Kate Beckinsale had her breast implants removed, and looks much better.

It's obvious Kate Hudson had something done to her nose..

Kelly Rowland had her lower lip reduced?

Her chin is looking awfully square and youthful these days..

Leslie Bibb (WB's "Popular") got veneers.

Mandy Moore=nosejob?

Nicole Richie also got her nose done.

Nicky Hilton has the wonky eye, too!
But she was smart and had it fixed as a teenager, Paris waited too long.
She also had her nose done-I'm starting to think they give nosejobs as birthday gifts in Hollywood.

Twin nose jobs, amirite?


For the record, I don't think all of these people had plastic surgery, just sharing what was on the site.

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