Kareem Abdul-Jabbar writes how 'La La Land' misleads on race, romance and jazz

- Thinks the movie is "bold, daring and deserving" but that some aspects deserve closer examination.
- Has a problem with how Keith (John Legend) is portrayed as a sellout, someone who turns jazz into pop, while Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) is portrayed as pure.
- Thinks it's distasteful to show the black character as the sellout and the white guy as the preserver of jazz.
- Worries about the message the movie sends to youth about romance. Says the film is traditional when it comes to romance in the sense that it's boy-meets-girl, boy-loses-girl, and they're unable to stay together because their egos. Says this is normal and often happens, but that it shouldn't be romanticized - which he thinks makes the drama of the breakup more fulfilling than the actual prospect of romance.
- The movie implies we can't follow our dreams and have a decent relationship.
- Thinks the doomed-romance genre is childish and celebrates personal achievement without recognizing the consequences.
- Thinks the characters are "delightful and charming", thinks the music is "imaginative" and "addicting", but that when he watches the movie again he'll think to himself "what if?"