Grammy Snub Saga feat. Sufjan Stevens, Solange & the Recording Academy

The Academy held a meeting to discuss Beyonce "gaming the system" by dipping into many genres. This was published in a New York Times article.

"According to a senior music executive who attended the meeting, and spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the internal deliberations, there was a “very spirited debate that took maybe five minutes” and included several voters’ suspicions that by recording a rock song and a country song (“Daddy Lessons”) on her album “Lemonade"

His comments in the interview:

Q : “Do you think the Grammys has a race problem?”

A: “No, I don’t think there’s a race problem at all.”

"We don’t, as musicians, in my humble opinion, listen to music based on gender or race or ethnicity. When you go to vote on a piece of music—at least the way that I approach it—is you almost put a blindfold on and you listen. It’s a matter of what you react to and what in your mind as a professional really rises to the highest level of excellence in any given year. And that is going to be very subjective. That’s what we ask our members to do, even in the ballots. We ask that they not pay attention to sales and marketing and popularity and charts. You have to listen to the music. So of the 14,000 voters, they listen, they make up their minds, and then they vote.

Now here’s the other interesting part of the process, and we stand 100 percent behind the process: It’s a democratic vote by majority. So somebody could either receive or not receive a Grammy based on one vote. It could be that tight."

On Chance The Rapper: To your earlier question about a racial problem. The album, record, song and best new artist categories are ones that the entire voting membership is entitled to vote on. You don’t get Chance the Rapper as the Best New Artist of the year if you have a membership that isn’t diverse and isn’t open-minded and isn’t really listening to the music, and not really considering other elements beyond how great the music is.

On Kanye's absence this year: "Kanye, as you know, had some medical concerns and situations,"..."We had dialog with him about actually performing. At the end of the day, what we had heard was he just wasn't in a place where he felt comfortable doing that. That’s completely understandable."

“Friendly reminder: don’t be racist,” he wrote on his website, before posing the following dialogue:

Q: WTF is “Urban Contemporary”?
A: It’s where the white man puts the incomparable pregnant black woman because he is so threatened by her talent, power, persuasion and potential.

Beyonce's former engineer held a Q&A on Reddit and answered many questions on what it's like working with Beyonce in the studio.


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Lainey also confirmed the meeting they held to discuss Beyonce "fixing" the award show. Lainey also states the obvious in her new post, Beyonce was prepared to lose. She knew.

So ONTD, how do you feel about the Grammys repeating 1988 all over again?

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