That Dance Academy movie is actually happening - TRAILER

Back in April of 2015, it was announced that a Dance Academy movie was in the works. The Australian teen series followed the story of dancers at an elite ballet academy.

Well now it's extra official because there is a trailer!

One of the things we really wanted to deliver with the film is that step up from being in the Academy, so being in the professional world. A dance scene that we spent the whole day filming we would’ve done before morning tea, just because of the pace of television” - Joanna Werner, executive producer

The movie is directed by Jeffrey Walker and written by Samantha Strauss (both from the original series). Samantha Strauss and Joanna Werner are the creators of the TV series.

Xenia Goodwin (Tara Webster), Dena Kaplan (Abigail Armstrong), Alicia Banit (Kat Karamakov), Jordan Rodrigues (Christian Reed, also in The Fosters), Thomas Lacey (Ben Tickle), and Keiynan Lonsdale (Ollie Lloyd, also in The Flash) return.

The film is shot in both Sydney and New York City and takes place eighteen months after the Season 3 finale (which ended in 2012). Tara is hoping to make a comeback after her injury. The movie will be released in Australian cinemas (April 6, 2017) and you can catch up on the TV series with Netflix.

And because everyone misses Sammy (played by Thom Green):

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The only reason I found out about this show was because of comments here on ONTD so here's my first post! Are you excited for a cheesy yet heartbreaking return?
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