Brad Long (Who?) Picks Fights With Chrissy Teigen, Cara Delevingne, Lucy Hale & More On Twitter

- some guy who claims "people used to call me the justin bieber of the online world" (lol no they didn't) is getting celeb attention thanks to verified replies showing up first
- he's managed to get replies from the likes of dinah of fifth harmony, chrissy teigen, cara delevingne, bella thorne, and lucy hale
- throws a fit when people start asking who???
- says you shouldn't hold him accountable for everything he says and does (lmaoooo)
- told cara to do something good as she tweeted about a surprise, which is working with south sudan refugees in uganda with girl up org

chrissy teigen

dinah jane

cara delevingne

lucy hale

bella thorne

ontd, we need to update ourselves on celeb culture

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