Bella Thorne Reveals She Received Death Threats After Break Up

2007s Lindsay Lohan protégé Bella Thorne had an interview where she revealed the details of her breakup from Tyler Posey.

She says she went through a hard break up and people automatically assume you're together with someone when you hang out with them (Charlie Puth ?).

She says she hangs out with lots of different people who are mainly guys that are just friends because she's a total tomboy and a lot of the girls are too girly for her. *cough*

She thinks people take social media too seriously and feel like they can trash her and her friends just because they feel like they know her. She says she's getting death threats because people think she cheated on her ex which is not true.

Also reveals that she was bullied a lot for her looks during HS and now she has a firm stance against bullying.

What was your nastiest break up ONTD ?
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