Adam Lambert Spills The Feud Tea!

-Adam Levine has never heard What Do You Want From Me and thought the person on The Voice singing it, sang it 'probably' better than the original singer, Adam Lambert hasn't sad anything bad about him but he did agree this was major shade (ngl maybe Adam Levine actually never heard the song lmao)
-He was supposed to tour with Demi but didn't
-Adam Lambert said that Susan Boyle's single 'Wild Horses' made him laugh when he was asked about her album once, and Per** Hilton told him he was jealous because Susan's single outsold his
-Gene Simmons said that Adam should have never came out and that it ruined his career, but then asked him to perform with KISS lmao
-He didn't date Sam Smith


Orlando Bloom Visits Children in Niger Displaced by Boko Haram

- as a unicef goodwill ambassador, visits diffa, a city in southeast niger. 2.3 million people across niger, nigeria, chad and cameroon are displaced; the diffa region currently holds ~160,000 displaced children and 240,000 total displaced people
- Bloom says: "As a father, it is hard for me to imagine how many of these children are caught up in this conflict. During my trip I have heard dreadful stories about children fleeing on foot, leaving everything behind, including the safety of their homes and classrooms" & "This visit has been extremely moving. Every single child I met is affected by this conflict and in desperate need of basic services such as clean water, psychological care and education to help them recover from the atrocities they have suffered and witnessed. They deserve a childhood"
- encourages people to donate to unicef

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The Expanse 2X06 pics and sneak peek, plus roundup

Promotional pictures at the link, the synopsis: [Spoiler (click to open)]'Earth and Mars search for answers in the aftermath of the asteroid collision.'

Sneak peek:

More goodies behind a cut, there are spoilers for 2X05, be warned.

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Ratings went up to 0.2, hope it stays there or even inches back up to 0.3. Are you all ready for the return of Martian Queen Bobbie Draper?

[Spoiler (click to open)]Bobbie's getting ready to slay you all.

Lily Allen mocked for her miscarriage by Twitter trolls.

Outspoken British singer Lily Allen is no stranger to vile Twitter trolls, but this weekend they seem to have taken it to new lows.

Yesterday she attempted to highlight how ridiculous it sounds when people blame immigrant and muslims for long wait times to get NHS doctors appointments (a common belief among racist morons in the UK) by replacing the words immigrant and muslim with 'pensioners'. This went over a lot of peoples' heads, and she's been under a trolling attack ever since - allegedly including a poll takeover by 4Chan.

Some of the trolls decided to mock Lily for her miscarriage, blaming her alleged drug use for it. They have also gone back to their old tricks of calling her a liar for a sexual abuse claims.

Her Twitter is now being run by somebody called Dennis, who is tweeting and defending her on her behalf. It's not clear who Dennis is to Lily.

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A few of Trevor Noah's favourite things

The man's doing some promotion for his book and new comedy special on Netflix: Afraid of the Dark. He also points out that Dutch people should start acknowledging the impact the Dutch had on South/Southern Africa.

Favourite book: The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More - Roahld Dahl. "I like the story because it's about a boy that learns something new and with it achieves more than he could ever dream of. Books weren't necessary a way of escapism for me, but a way to travel to places and times I couldn't visit myself."

Favourite language: all of them. Trevor knows how to speak English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Tswana, Tsonga, Xhosa and German.
"I like to spend my holidays in countries where I can learn a new language, like Spanish in Peru or Hindi in India." He doesn't know in which language he dreams.

Favourite comedian: Eddie Murphy. "He has it all: acting, accents, jokes. Coming to America is my favourite work of his."

Favourite food: Indian. "Everything that has paneer in it."

Favourite music: Black Coffee, a South African artist that makes house music with African sounds mixed through. "Powerful and beautiful".

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What are a few of your favourite things on Sunday, ONTD?

Shia LaBeouf and his collaborators shut down He Will Not Divide Us

  • The project (a livestream in which passersby were encouraged to say the words "He will not divide us") initially opened in New York. After it was shut down by the museum that was hosting it (against the artists' wishes) the project was moved to Alburquerque.

  • On February 23 gun shots were heard on the Alburquerque livestream. Police reported that the shots were from a location a block away and it seemed unrelated to the project, nevertheless the artists decided to take the livestream down.

  • Livestream is currently dark with no news on whether it will reopen or not.


Is this the end for He Will Not Divide Us?

Brits care less about having a white/male Doctor and David Harewood chips in

The next Doctor Who 'should be black or female'

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Loreen, Queen of Eurovision, debuts Statements at Melodifestivalen

Loreen has decided to come back for her Eurovision crown with Statements. Sweden has a crazy procedure to pick the song they send and she placed 3rd/4th in her semi final which means she will perform again in a second chance stage where 4 more songs advance to the final. Will Sweden sleep on this legend?

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how the hell did she not qualify for the final directly???? thank god there is a second chance round because this is already my winner lmao

ontd, what's your favourite eurovision song of all time? mine is euphoria