Vanderpump Rules s5e16 "Man Tears and Braziers", will Lala be back?

“It was a tough season for me,” Lala Kent admitted during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight. “Trying to keep a relationship that I love and adore private, but I just feel like … give them Lala! And if Vanderpump is the way to get them, let’s do it. I don’t know.”

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what happened:
Schwartz continues to be a POS to Katie which the girls discuss at Galatoire's for brunch. The guys (and Ariana) go gator boating which was way more fun
Scheana and Kristen take a break from the smell of seafood where it's revealed Katie's issues w Schwartz all go back to his cheating, which is the catalyst of this ep
Kristen's bf brings up the cheating at lunch and Sandoval cries for Schwartz, using the term “battered wife”
Kristen gets Katie a lady stripper
The boys get dressed in drag by drag queens and at the end of the night Kristen sits Schwartz down to discuss the cheating. Schwartz storms off calling Kristen a basic bitch. “I am not tequila Tom! I am a chill fucking human being” lmao stfu
they go upstairs for privacy where Schwartz shouts about how he made out with that girl in Vegas (but didn't sleep w her). Stassi/Katie and Jax/Britt can hear everything
We end the episode w Schwartz saying he doesn't want to marry her. Spoiler alert they get married

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Amber Tamblyn and David Cross welcome daughter Dauphinoise...Mustard Witch RBG Cross Tamblyn-Bey jr.

Amber Tamblyn on Instagram: "David and I are proud to announce the birth of our daughter, Dauphinoise Petunia Brittany Scheherazade Von Funkinstein Mustard Witch RBG Cross Tamblyn-Bey jr. #TheFutureIsFemale"

Dauphinoise... is the couple's first child together.


"This Is Us" 1x17 Promo

"What Now?" The entire Pearson family gathers at Randall's for an unusual party. Kevin and Sophie's relationship deepens on the night of his play's premiere. Kate struggles to open up to Toby about her father's death. Tensions are high between Jack and Rebecca as she leaves on tour with her band.

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Drake on Kanye Beef: "I'm Not Really Sure What He's Referring to Half the Time"

-On OVO Sound radio, Drake was asked about Kanye's rant about him from his 2016 Sacramento concert and stated: "I think everybody has their own little things going on, I’m not really sure what he’s referring to half the time, because in the same breath, I went from being … like working on a project with him, to him sorta publicly shitting on me and DJ Khaled for being on the radio too much...Whatever it is that you're going through, I accept it. I don't respect it all."
-Drake is unsure of whether their joint album will ever be completed/released and that "...the more and more this progresses, the more and more I feel like keeping to myself." [#TakeCarePt2ComingSoon,#emorevival]
-Kanye, on the other hand, has recently told paparazzi that he never even dissed Drake


Netflix Picks Up Martin Scorsese's 'The Irishman'

- Initially picked up by Paramount, but according to a source, the film is a risky deal and Paramount is not in the position to take risks (its 12-year chairman Brad Grey is on his way out), so Netflix snatched it and now Scorsese can make the project he wants
- His last 4 films were made with Paramount so this is "huge" for Netflix
- Scorsese still has an overall feature deal with Paramount that runs through 2019
- It's a $100 million project, Netflix is securing a deal to release the movie to its 93 million subscribers in 190 countries
- Starring Robert De Niro, his 9th collaboration with Scorsese
- The crime drama is about Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran, a mob hitman whose illustrious career is today best-known for a supposed involvement in the death of Jimmy Hoffa
- De Niro will be made to look 30 again by the effects masters at ILM (Benjamin Button who)
- It had an original release for 2018 but now its more likely to be released in 2019, with a limited Oscar-qualifying release in theaters
- Al Pacino and other talent (rumored to be Joe Pesci and Bobby Cannavale) are still in negotiations


The Flash 3x14 "Attack on Central City" & Legends of Tomorrow 2x13 "Land of the Lost" promos

When Grodd (voiced by David Sobolov) and his army of gorillas bring the battle to Earth-1, The Flash (Grant Gustin) and team must find a way to stop them before they destroy Central City. Gypsy (guest star Jessica Camacho) returns to join the fight. Meanwhile, Jesse Quick (guest star Violett Beane) decides she wants to stay with Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) on Earth-1. Dermott Downs directed the episode with story by Todd Helbing and teleplay by Benjamin Raab & Deric A. Hughes (#314). Original airdate 2/28/2017.

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ESCANDALO! This week in Mexican celeb gossip

A Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot from THR

  • Really, really, really hates Arrival

  • Thought Meryl's role in Florence was like 'a clown'

  • Seemed to watch most of the smaller categories

  • Thinks La La Land is enjoyable but not memorable.

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