Brand New decide not to release a new album this year

Previous plans to release a new album in 2016 have since changed and the band will instead be playing their album The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me in full nightly to celebrate it's 10 year anniversary during their fall tour starting October 13.


Have your favs ever done something that disappoints, but doesn't surprise you?

One Punch Man Season 2 Announced

Details are scarce but the official anime's twitter confirmed that the second season is happening and slated for a 2017 release.

Bonus Anime New: Shin Godzilla Director Begins Work On Final Evangelion MovieCollapse )

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Ticket Sales for Ariana Grande's "Dangerous Woman" tour are dangerously LOW!!!

After much hype including appearances on 'Ellen' and a set at the iHeartRadio festival, onsales for Ariana Grande's upcoming tour appear to be off to a sluggish start. Interactive maps on Ticketmaster show that virtually every show, which went onsale this past weekend suffered poor sales.The news comes days after Ariana brought back manager Scooter Braun to run her career after disappointing sales with her latest album.
Take a look at two shows below, which show the BLUE dots as unsold seats. Yikes!

Beauty Post! Kim K reveals how she does her make-up.

In the 9 minute long video that Kim shared on her Youtube channel, she shows how she does her make-up in the times when her glad squad aren't around. In the video, she mentions the following:

- She 'washes' her face with wipes.
- She uses the La Mer Perfecting Treatment as moisturizer before she applies her makeup.
- Uses an Armani shimmer product (she doesn't give a name) to add a glow underneath her foundation.
- She then goes on to use an Armani foundation all over her face, neck, and chest. She applied the product to her hand first (because her body is darker than her face and she wants them to match) and then uses a brush to apply it to her face. She also puts it all over her lips.
- "Always make sure you get the back on your neck" is Kim's key to an even tone.
- After that, Kim applies concealer (again, she doesn't mention a specific product) under her eyes, down her nose, and on the lines around her mouth.
- This is followed up with blending with the Original Beauty Blender.
- She then powders/bakes her face.
- She uses La Roc's "Superstar" on her eyes.
- She begins contouring by starting on the forehead, in the hairline. Then she does her cheeks.
- After that, Kim removes the excess powder from her bake.
- This is followed by eyebrows, which are filled in by a pencil.
- Kim uses highlighter under her eyes to act as a light-reflector.
- Mascara comes after this, as does curling eyelashes. Then eyeliner. She layers mascaras when she doesn't use false eyelashes. She then uses a lash separator/brush.
- Kim then contours and blends her eyes.
- Then she uses a brow gel.
- Kim puts a gold shade on the inside of her eye as a highlight.
- The last stage is lips, which she uses "Chelsea Girls" by NARS and "Candy K" by Kylie Cosmetics.


"Vanderpump Rules" Season 5 Trailer is HERE

-James calls everyone "Fucking Losers"
-Lala gets accused of sleeping with a married man
-Katie has new hair again
-Stassi is back being friends with everyone and Brittany is now working at SUR
-Premieres November 7!

Watch the trailer at the SOURCE