The world premiere of 12 Strong at the Lincoln Center in NYC

The cast of '12 Strong' attended the world premiere in NYC. The cast includes:he film stars Chris Hemsworth, Michael Shannon, Michael Peña, Navid Negahban, Trevante Rhodes, Geoff Stults, Thad Luckinbill, William Fichtner, Elsa Pataky, and Rob Riggle

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Capitol Records' CEO had to have "tough conversations" with Katy Perry after Witness

Capitol Records CEO Steve Barnett was asked about Katy Perry and her recent album.

He had tough conversatioms with Katy Perry after Witness'performance.

He says engagement is important and these days, having big cycles between albums doesn't work anymore.

Barnett said they learn more from their mistakes than their successes and this situation should be no different.

He added: "She has a plan, and we have a plan, and I feel good about it."


The Flash 4x11 'The Elongated Knight Rises' Promo & Candice Patton in Jamaica and DCinDC 2018

Candice Patton in Jamaica for CBS Watch Magazine

{Candice Looking FLAWLESS at a Photoshoot in Jamaica...}Collapse )

Candice at DCinDC 2018

{Candice Patton at DCinDC 2018 with Caity Lotz and Danielle Panabaker...}Collapse )

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Did looking at our Queen Candice Patton basking in sunlight help YOU forget the dreariness of winter,
ONTD FlashFam? (Oh and did you enjoy the January premiere, etc ⚡️)

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Chrissy Teigan offers to pay so that gymnast McKayla Maroney can speak out against her abuser

  • After reading that the NDA McKayla signed with USA Gymnastics and the United States Olympic Committee might prevent her from speaking out about Larry Nassar at his sentencing this week, Teigen offered to pay any fine she'd incure for breaching her NDA

  • TV producer/writer Mike Schur also offered to help pay the fine as did actress Kristen Bell

  • Nassar is being sentenced after pleading guilty to child pornography charges as well as 10 charges of sexual assault. Since he was charged over 140 women have stepped forward to accuse him of sexual abuse.


Schitt's Creek nominated for 11 Canadian Screen Awards


yay Dav-id! yay!

New look at Wreck-It Ralph 2

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Darren Criss on playing Andrew Cunanan in The Assassination of Gianni Versace

  • Darren Criss is currently making waves for his performance as terrifying sociopathic fuck Andrew Cunanan in the second season of American Crime Story. (Reviews are saying its good but disjointed, not as good as OJ Simpson)

  • On playing Cunanan: “It’s my job to be empathetic. If I set out to paint him as a monster, then there’s no point in telling the story. This isn’t a Bond villain. I had a great time doing Blaine on Glee, (but he) is part of a more ensemble piece," he says. "It was nice to be on a bigger playing field with Ryan and to get our hands dirty."

  • A drastic departure from Glee, the role required much more, including nudity and violence. Part of his nude scene has leaked online. Criss says he wanted to capture the extreme fall from grace that Cunanan endured.


Whose ready for this trainwreck tomorrow night? (I seriously hope they don't try to make him sympathetic)

sufjan stevens on the first time he saw 'call me by your name'

+ Sufjan has seen the film four times. The first was over a year ago, Luca Guadagnino invited him to his apartment in northern Italy to watch an early edit. Dakota Johnson was there too.
+ “And I was so stressed out the entire time. I was super nervous. I remember feeling kind of vulnerable but also really proud, and honored to be part of something so beautiful."
+ Demoed “Visions of Gideon” on his iPhone during one morning he had off from the tour, then finished it with a producer that afternoon.
+ On the ending scene: “God, that final scene devastated me. [Chalamet's] whole performance is so real and true and profound. The nuances, the features of his face and how they change from scene to scene is incredible. I still don’t know how he did that.”

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