Zayn Malik Cheating with the New Girl Since September 2014???!

A week ago, Zayn Malik crushed the dreams of his fangirls by posting a picture with a new girl, Carolyn something.(She works in PR or something).

Turns out, it wasn't a new girl at all! Here, in a candid from September 18, 2014 he is seen leaving 1OAK in LA with her.

What do you think ONTD? Were they "just friends" hanging out or was Zayn cheating?

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In honour of October, people have actually gone insane with a society for pumpkin spice latte

-Starbucks' pumpkin spice latte now has a secret club~ for it that's called The Orange Sleeve Society.
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Has it gone too far ? What's your favourite Halloween related food item ontd ?

Ms. Lovato Goes to Washington

Demi was at the National Council Hill's day, an annual two-day event in which behavioral health professionals and advocates meet with members of Congress to fight for better mental health care resources and treatments.

Demi was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and suffered with eating disorders, substance abuse, self harm, mania, and depression. She noted that her father had bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. She has been speaking out about mental health reform to multiple news outlet. Basically wants treatment to be more affordable + spread awareness about the issue.
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Are you suffering from any mental health disorder, ontd?

Yankees lose to Astros in Wild Card game, eliminated. Jessica Mendoza makes history again.



Yankees fans are so spoiled, I can't believe how many people left early, smh. I am now currently 100% accurate on my 2015 postseason predictions. Tomorrow: Jake Arrieta Show

also I can't believe the shit I saw on twitter about Jessica Mendoza. I guess the postseason is bringing in the mouth-breathers, most people were very positive on her when she first replaced Schilling.


Wendy Williams insinuates that Caitlyn Jenner is not a real woman yet 😒

Talking about the Kardashians on Cosmo Magazine: "It features all the Kardashian women. No not Caitlyn. Caitlyn still has a member. So that is not a- I mean until you don't, aren't you caught in limbo? That's all! So anyway, the women of the family are on the cover."

Kylie Jenner shows off her butt... inserts?


In an attempt to shut down fat transfer rumors she decided to post that on Snapchat.


k kylie we all saw those bathing suit pics

Emma Watson: "I'm okay with (real) leather as long as no animals are seriously hurt in the process"

Emma Watson ftr
New Interview

On it being 15 years since she started playing Hermione:

"It's so weird! It was really kind of like one of those nice full circle moments because I did my last day on Beauty and the Beast, as Belle, and as I was driving home, I saw all of these stuff reminding me that it had been 15 years since the day I was cast as Hermione. Most than half of my life".

Interviewer asks her if he could gift her a leather bag:

"As long as no one's in tons of awful, horrible pain. As long as no animals are seriously hurt in the process, then that's fine with me".
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