Olivia Munn Getting Her Ninja On in preparation for X-Men

Olivia Munn, who is gonna be playing "transracial" telekinetic ninja mutant Betsy Braddock in the upcoming X-Men: Days of Oscar Isaac, was seen working on her fitness (and her swordplay skills) with her adorable guy Aaron Rodgers being a goober in the background.

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Just get on board now guys, you're gonna be in here saying how she slayed once the movie comes out anyways!

ONTD Original™: 10 Forgotten Horror TV Shows That You Should Watch

With the premiere of the Scream television series upon us, and then the debut of Scream Queens this fall, could horror be making its way back to the small screen? The popularity of The Walking Dead and American Horror Story have both definitely helped to revive the genre, too. Still not enough to quench your thirst for scary TV? Well, here is just a handful of obscure horror gems from the yesteryears of television.

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What forgotten shows do you like, horror or otherwise? Recommendation post for general binge watching or creepy post.

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Me. I am Messiah Carey...a smart lyricist

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  • Seatsmart's study is based on average reading levels required to understand the lyrics of songs

  • Reading level for a sample of 225 songs collected were at 3rd grade or lower

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If youre looking to get educated, book some tickets to Mimi's educational seminar which will be held in Caesar's Palace!


What is your fav Messiah Carey lyric, ontd?

Could Frank Ocean’s First Snapchat Be A Hint About His New Album?

-Frank Ocean's Snapchat handle is "arealglitterboy".
-In his very first Snapchat post, Frank is seen wearing a jacket that features the rock band Television, which could be the influence of his new album.
-The only details that we know about the album are: Frank worked with pianist Christophe Chassol and Rick Rubin on it. We also know that Frank recorded the album at Abbey Road.
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Frank, The Weeknd, Miguel, this is such an amazing time for REAL male R&B artists.

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Tom Hardy will wear an "outrageous" outfit on Friday for cancer awareness

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This Friday, July 3rd, Tom Hardy and other actors such as Terry Jones, Charlotte Riley, Stephen Fry, Graham Norton, will be wearing an "eye-catching" item of clothing to bring awareness (?) to colon cancer. Colon cancer is the U.K.'s second biggest deadly cancer even though it is curable. They invite others to join them.

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hopefully it's his birthday suit.