New Prince Phillip Centric Trailer for 'The Crown' | Netflix


Phillip remains the worst, but I'm still sort of thankful we're getting some backstory for him. Looks interesting. I know there are several members of his family that were connected with high-ranking Nazis, so it makes sense they'd show his childhood in that world.

"Shark Tank" Mogul Barbara Corcoran Says Brains Without Beauty Isn't Enough To Succeed For Women

  • Corcoran spoke to Alyson Shontell on the Success! How I Did It podcast

  • On standing out in a male dominated industry: "I wore flashy bright-colored suits, short skirts, I had great legs. That was my best asset. I flaunted them, no doubt about it."

  • On playing into the "Dumb Blonde" stereotype: "[The] dumb blonde card - or the 'dumb anything' card, for that matter - can come in handy. People underestimate you"

  • On whether advice like this is helpful in a world full of Weinstein workplace abuse:
    "Of course, all marketing is good marketing."
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    Aly Raisman speaks on Larry Nassar pleading guilty

    Aly is glad that Larry finally pleaded guilty and says that USAG must stop just releasing PR statements and instead make meaningful changes to their culture and leadership, so it never happens again.
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    Source: Twitter 1, 2, 3

    Aly is such a good person. I hope she or her mom can take down USAG and have their own leadership roles there.

    Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle Split

  • Love is dying. The Great Value Brand Snoop Dogg & New New have amicably split

  • The couple began dating 2013 and had a son in 2016, Kross Asghedom, whom the couple intend to respectfully co-parent

  • London has one son Cameron with bite-size gremlin Lil Wayne while Hussle has a daughter, Imani

  • Hussle will be releasing a new album Victory Lap while London stars on tv show Rebel

    Have you split from your significant other recently? I'll comfort you in the comments
  • Desperate much? New Justice League posters depict them murdering The Avengers.

    - DC has reached new levels of desperation. A new chinese poster shows the DC heroes murdering Marvel's Avengers.
    - The graphic poster (srsly TW alert before you click the link) includes Deadpool on Aquaman's pitchfork, Batman holding the decapitated head of Thor, Wolverine being stabbed to death, the Flash stepping on Captain America's head, Superman squishing Ant-Man, and a disembodied Ironman lying on the ground.”
    - JL premiered last week with dissapointing numbers, way lower than industry expectations.


    ONTD, are you a repressed DC stan that can't deal with Marvel's success?

    Taylor Swift: The Making Of "I Did Something Bad" + 2nd Week Sales Prediction

    - The full "Making Of" for "I Did Something Bad" has been released and includes 6 more minutes of material than the original leaked camera phone video
    - Swift's reputation is predicted to sell 245-255K in the US in it's 2nd week-- remaining at No. 1

    Source 1 2

    ONTD, what's the worst thing you've ever done?

    10 albums with the largest opening weeks ever in the USA ("Reputation" lands at #8)

    Now that Taylor Swift's album has been released, it's being debated whether "Reputation" sold more or less copies than "1989" did in its first week. Ever wonder what other albums had large opening weeks? There's definitely a pattern here...

    10. 50 Cent - The Massacre - 1.141 million

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    ONTD, will Taylor Swift ever sell over 23 million albums?

    Sources: #1, #2

    ‘Captain Marvel’: Jude Law Lands Male Lead Opposite Brie Larson

    A source tells Variety that Jude is in negotiations to play the male lead opposite Brie Larson

    Law will be playing Doctor Walter Lawson, a.k.a. Mar-Vell

    Ben Mendelsohn is on board to play the villain


    Buzzfeed's Ladylike Tries GOOP Products.

    Ladylike's Devin went on Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP website and tried a few of the products that are offered. As expected they're really pricey ($60 STICKERS?!) and she rates them on a luxury and practicality scale of 1-10 and its GOOP level... LEAST GOOPY to GOOPIEST.

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    ONTD, have you tried any GOOP products? What were they and did they do what they claimed?