PAPER Mag premieres Cupcakke's new song "Pedophile"

Chicago rapper Cupcakke premiered her new song "Pedophile" on PAPER Magazine, taken from her new mixtape "Cum Cake." The song features a message that Cupcakke feels all young girls need to hear.

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favorite Cupcakke song?

'Deadpool' after-credits scene leaks online and gives spoilers for 'Deadpool 2'.

The second part of the after credits scene reveals 'Deadpool 2' will feature [Spoiler (click to open)]Cable.

Cable is the son of Cyclops and a Jean Grey clone named Madelyne Pryor. He has telekinesis and can also time travel.

Video won't embed, watch @ the source

Have you seen Deadpool already, ONTD? How much did you love it?

Carly Rae Jepsen is shooting a new music video!!!

boy problems still 2.jpg

The music video is being shot by fellow Canadian Petra Collins.

What song is it for?!?! Find out under the cut!

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Her latest album sold so poorly outside of Japan, yet she still manages to release 4 music videos from this era. This tenacious Queen. Thank Scooter, I guess? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  p.s. Her Gimmie Love Tour starts today!

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Grimm 5x10 "Map Of The Seven Knights"

[Spoiler (click to open)]Too bad they didn't think of giving Juliette her powers 4 seasons ago. Not sure why she has to wear circus clown wigs to get her job done. It's not like she's a superhero or needs to conceal her identity. So the Black Claw group are pretty much Donal Trump supporters.
Also please give Sean a decent story. Such wasted potential.


RHOA News: Kenya Moore Is Pregnant, According to Phaedra Parks!

Former Lawer turned Mortuary Graduate turned Western Union Scammer and cast member of the Real Housewives of Atlanta,  Phaedra Parks stopped by her good friend Porsha Williams' job at Dish Nation to dish on the current season of Real Houswives of Atlanta.

During the interview, Phaedra was questioned about friend flip flopper Cynthia Bailey and she dropped the bomb that Kenya Moore might be PREGNANT! Parks said, “Honey I did hear that one of [Cynthia’s] NON best friends might have a bundle of joy, so maybe she can be the godmother.” The host, dilligently named Headcrack, pressed further “Is this person named after a country?”.

Phaedra, being her usual fraudulent self, decided to shame women who decide to get pregnant via sperm banks. Parks responded, “I think so, and some coffee. And she peddles around in sperm banks.” Headcrack tried to get a real answer out of Atlanta's favorite Stunt Queen with some surprising results. “So you’re saying Kenya’s pregnant?” Phaedra responded, “That’s what someone told me, but I haven’t confirmed it because I’m not a gynecologist.” Though to Phaedra's credit, she doesn't seem to be a lawyer or a mortician either.

Kenya has not responded to Phaedra's claims yet. Maybe she will surprise everyone at the reunion and make the announcement.

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ONTD, how many kids do you want?

Is Sam Smith Too Thin?

After Sam Smith posted a picture of himself on Instagram with a noticeably thinner frame, fans took to his comments section to express their worry. Fans said he was too skinny and fears that he might lose his soulful fat voice. To date, Sam has lost 50 pounds since last March with the help of nutritionist Amelia Freer.

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A year ago, Sam looked like this:

Damn if you do, damn if you don't. He looks fine tbh.

Meghan Trainor debuts new hairstyle and compliments a flop while she prepares to slay next album era

Meghan Trainor took to Instagram to show the world her new hairstyle. Meghan dyed her hair and got a new haircut in preparation for her upcoming second album. In her Instagram post, Meghan wrote "NEW ALBUM. NEW HAIR. THANK YOU LO LO @lorienmeillon."

She also took part in a Twitter Q&A session with LA Reid, where he revealed that her album will be "completely unpredictable in a party kinda way." He also described Meghan as "Genius-Smart-Sexy," and tweeted that Fifth Harmony's next single would drop on February 26.

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