Daniel Kaluuya Speaks Out On Film's "Racist" Backlash + Joins the Cast of Steve McQueen's New Film

- Daniel Kaluuya was asked about the "racist" backlash the film is receiving and he had this to say, "I think it accelerates what's really in you. If you think this, if this offends you, why does this offend you? If that offends you and a Black kid getting shot by police doesn't, something's not real".
- Daniel spoke to W Magazine about how he's spent years auditioning for roles and was told by people in the industry that he wouldn't receive parts because he was black.
- Daniel doesn't think the film has a certain resonance to it now just because Cheeto Hitler is president. Racism has been around and shouldn't be considered timely.


Demi Lovato takes a DNA Test

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Lmao at all the people asking if she's Brazillian too. ONTD, have you ever taken a DNA test?

Lady Gaga to launch 'The Love Project' during Oscars

Lady Gaga and her Born This Way Foundation have teamed up with director Brett Ratner and Revlon for "The Love Project," a campaign aiming to inspire more love, acceptance and caring in the world. The campaign's television commercial, also featuring Pharrell Williams and Ellen DeGeneres, will launch during the Oscars this Sunday, People reports.

"It was fantastic to work with Lady Gaga and Revlon on The Love Project and to spread the message of love, acceptance and positivity at a time when it is so greatly needed," Ratner told EW.

Revlon added: "The Love Project is the beginning of a social movement which aims to inspire more love, acceptance and caring in the world. At the heart of this campaign is the belief that all people are beautiful and that love can create a better world.”

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John Legend's twitter gets hacked

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'Get Out' video round up

Daniel Kaluuya, along with his co-star Allison Williams and producer Jason Blum, join Kathie Lee Gifford and co-host Jenna Bush Hager to talk about their new horror movie that addresses cultural fears such as racism.

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As of this evening

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This post is mostly an excuse to talk about how great this movie is. If you're discussing the film please don't forget to use spoiler cuts!

ABC's "When We Rise" LGBT Miniseries Releases Music Video with Jordan Fisher ("Grease: Live")

ABC’s highly anticipated miniseries "When We Rise," written by Dustin Lance Black and directed by Gus Van Sant, Dee Rees, and more, chronicles the history of the LGBTQ rights movement and kicks off its four-night run this Monday, February 27 ending on Friday, March 3.

The miniseries features new music including “I’d Love to Change the World” performed by Jordan Fisher of "Grease: Live" and Broadway’s "Hamilton." The accompanying music video is interspersed with footage from the LGBTQ drama, covering a historic timeline from the assassination of Harvey Milk and White Night riots through the AIDS epidemic and fight for marriage equality.


Who's watching this Monday? I hope it gets good ratings. We should have viewing posts...

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CBS bids adieu to Katherine Heigl: Doubt Cancelled

- Canceled after just 2 episodes
- Only drew 5.3/0.8 for its premiere
- Week 2 drew 4/0.6

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Is this the end of Heigls leading lady career?