Recochoku Releases their Year-End Charts for 2016

Recochoku is one of Japan's major digital music distributors, and people commonly use its charts to gauge an artist's digital sales power (With some degree of variance/error due to exclusively looking at one distributor, demographic/sampling bias tied to how it's more popular among youths/keitai (cellphone) culture, not having numerical units sold, etc). Some argue that digital charts provide a more accurate landscape of which artists are popular in Japan due to the tendency to buy multiple physical copies in the idol scene. The company recently released its yearly chart which tracks sales from December 1st 2015 to November 30th 2016. Without further ado, here are the numbers (For the remaining top 100 of any chart, you'll need to visit Source 2 which is in Japanese although I make some references to it later in the post).

Top 25 Overall Artists:
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Top 25 Digital Singles:
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Top 10 Digital Albums:
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Top 3 Best New Artists:
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Top 5 Western Songs (Found in original source; translated by xhurlyburly):
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Interesting Things to Note Based off of a Quick Glance (aka a disclaimer that I might have missed something if I'm wrong):
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i may or may not do a j-pop megapost later this week depending on how lazy i am meanwhile, how are your faves doing?

The “Gilmore Girls” have the right to choose


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- Article talks about how far we have come on TV. Mentions "I Love Lucy" where they couldn't even say the word pregnant.
- Mentions shows that chickened out of doing abortion episodes  - Family Guy, Degrassi High's US episode, Jane The Virgin (but did it right later on)
- Shows that got massive backlash way back when for doing an abortion episode - The Defenders, Maude, etc
- Mentions shows that wanted to have their cake and eat it too where the woman has a change of heart at the clinic (Felicity, The OC, Beverly Hills 90210)
- Shows that actually did it right: Crazy Ex Girlfriend, The Good Wife, Scandal, Girls, Jessica Jones etc.
- Thinks that Gilmore Girls is an example of how women have choices despite the fact that nowhere have they implied in the actual series that having an abortion was a possibility for any of the Gilmore women.

Read more at the SOURCE.

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Wife More Protective of Him After Negan Fame

Hilarie Burton, 34, wife of The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan, 50, attended the Adrienne Shelly Foundation’s 10th Anniversary Gala on Monday, Dec. 5 and opened up about how life has changed following her husband's revived fame following his casting as the infamous villain Negan in Season 7 of AMC's TWD.

“Yeah, I feel like I’ve kind of had to turn into this like raging bully to protect him! Like I’ve got my hand out a lot, you know, you turn into, not to be a stereotype, but a bitch! You gotta protect the home front!” About their usually quiet life she says, “It’s different. Jeffrey is such a sweet, quiet, kind of shy guy, and so to see that performance, and have people now that we’re out in public kind of expect that out of him — he’s an introvert.”



Sofia Vergara Is Being Sued By Her Embryos

A right-to-life lawsuit has been filed in Louisiana against Sofia Vergara on behalf of her two frozen embryos. The female embryos are listed as "Emma" and "Isabella" in court papers.

Vergara has been engaged in a California court battle with her ex-fiance Nick Loeb over the embryos they created in 2013 (she wants them destroyed and he wants them implanted in a surrogate). But he apparently dropped that suit this week after the judge ruled in favor of Vergara's request to force Loeb to identify two of his previous girlfriends who had abortions after he impregnated them.

The new lawsuit contends that Emma and Isabella, by not being born, have been deprived of an inheritance from a trust that has been ­created for them in Louisiana. It accuses Vergara of refusing “to allow her daughters Emma and Isabella to continue their development, so they remain frozen in a tank,’’.

Loeb is not listed as a plaintiff in the lawsuit, but appears to be behind it. Although Loeb doesn't currently live in Louisiana, he attended college there and is still a reserve police officer there. He apparently believes that he will have better luck with a lawsuit in the traditionally pro-life, conservative South than in California.

Louisiana law forbids the destruction of frozen embryos, and is the only state in the U.S. to consider them "juridical persons" . But several legal experts told the New York Post that it will be difficult to convince a judge that the case should be heard in Louisiana since the embryos are in California.


The View Discusses Breitbart's Claim of Global Warming Ending and Weather Channel's Response

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Full Weather Channel Video for those Interested

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have you ever taken a person's quote or voicing and put it into the opposite meaning to suit your own message to make a post-fact opinion?

karla has a new boyfriend!!

- karla has a new man in her life!
- the singer posted a photo with her adorable new boyfriend gavin, and it's too cute for ontd!
- karla was previously linked to shawn mendes,although she’s denied the romance rumors, and austin mahone, who she dated back in 2014 for about a month

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do you approve of karla's new man??