'Beautiful Mind' mathematician John Nash killed in crash

US mathematician John Nash, who inspired the Oscar-winning film A Beautiful Mind, has died in a car crash with his wife, Alicia Nash, police have said.



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Italy was robbed! Eurovision reveals Italy won audience vote by a large margin.

il volo member gianluca also tweeted about this INJUSTICE and is retweeting people who are also mad about this
basically, italy won the televoting by a large margin, but the useless juries gave them nothing
it's the first time that someone who won televoting by a large margin like this lost the competition
people think italy might withdraw next year because of this

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Eurovision 2015: Graham Norton's best one-liners

The UK might be the forever a Eurovision loser, but when it comes to commentary, UK wins. Every country wishes it had commentators like Graham Norton. So for all of you that didn't have the pleasure of hearing Graham Norton comment during Eurovision finals, here are some of the highlights:

-He said that Latvia's singer was dressed as a novelty toilet brush.
-He wondered what they feed people in Israel because the kid was 16 and yet looked like he was 35. (HOLY SHIT HE WAS 16?! LOOOOL I THOUGHT HE WAS 35 TOO lol)
About France: "The song is called “N'oubliez pas”, which means “don’t forget”. Sadly, I think, we will."
-"I fear some Georgian crows were harmed in the making of this outfit. Did they die in vain?" - Graham about the singer from Georgia.
-"Now there's a shock, no Eiffel Tower. She could be anywhere!" -Graham laughed at the lack of trademark while France was giving their results.


Funniest lines about Eurovision you heard from the commentators, ONTD? Funniest tweets? POST-EUROVISION PARTY POST!

Which Kardashian sister does Brody Jenner want to have on his call-in sex show?

-hosting a show about relationship/sex
-wants Khloe as a guest
- he gives advise which may or may not be right
-has plenty of dating experience including Avril, LC, Kristin C etc.


well it would be awkward to have kim on since he's rumored to have had sex with her...sex post?

More stills from 'The Martian'

The cast also includes Jessica Chastain, Kate Mara, Kristen Wiig, Sebastian Stan, Michael Pena, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Jeff Daniels, Sean Bean and Donald Glover.

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GoT Cast Post: Photoshoots for everyone! *tries to wink @ u*

Cannes: Jacques Audiard’s ‘Dheepan’ Wins Palme d’Or


Palme d’Or: “Dheepan”
Grand Prix: “Son of Saul”
Director: Hou Hsiao-hsien, “The Assassin”
Actor: Vincent Lindon, “The Measure of a Man”
Actress (tie): Emmanuelle Bercot, “Mon roi”, and Rooney Mara, “Carol”
Jury Prize: Yorgos Lanthimos, “The Lobster”
Screenplay: Michel Franco, “Chronic”