Rihanna collabs with Chris Brown again, plus new snippet of a track off the Mythical Anti...

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sigh...no comment on her working with chris again. i hate that i kinda like chris' song, but he consistently makes bops for some reason. the deep end snippet sounds like a bunch of random sounds put together, but do you like either song ontd? when do think auntie will be released? do you even care at this point?

What's new in Netflix US December 2015?

What's new on Netflix US this December (PRETTIEST MONTH OF THE YEAR)?
The list of all the new titles coming to Netflix this December is hot off the presses, just in time for the biggest month of the Holiday season.
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MEH TBH But what are you looking forward to watch in(on? idk) the holidays ONTD? What are you currently watching? 🌞

Anna Paquin is fine with being cut from X-Men DOFP

While promoting Pixar's upcoming film The Good Dinosaur, Anna Paquin talked a bit about her experience shooting and being cut from X-Men Days of Future's Past.

- Isn't hurt that she's cut from the final film. Said the entire cast and crews "are all big kids" who understand that if their part doesn't fit, it's gonna end up on the cutting room floor.

- Had fun shooting the movie anyway saying: ”[While filming], I got to hang out with my friends for five days in Montreal, and see people I’ve known for two decades and go play.“

- Laughed when asked if she would reprise her role as Rogue, saying: “I don’t know. I shot that when I was 16. I’m 33. If they’ve moved on as far as actors and casting choices and stories that they’re fascinated by, it’s okay. That was a lifetime ago for me.”

source: https://www.yahoo.com/movies/anna-paquin-on-cut-x-men-role-were-all-big-180815927.html
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Kendrick and J. Cole do each other's song

Lamar raps over J. Cole’s  “A Tale Of 2 Citiez,” while Cole does his thing over “Alright.” Listen to both of them here:

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How were your shopping excursions ONTD? Could these have been part of your soundtrack for the day? Or do you prefer listening to war chants as you prepare for shopping battles?

Nick & Joe Jonas Celebrate Thanksgiving Sans Kevin + @PaperMagazine Uncovers Weird Nicky J Fan-Fic

Nick Jonas and his blue-haired bro Joe spend their Thanksgiving in an Airbnb they rented together. No word on where Kevin Jonas was, or if anyone noticed he was missing.

Paraphrased from @JoeJonas.

In other JoBro news, @Paper Magazine uncovered bizare fan-fiction about Nick Jonas and his diabetes. @Paper's gems include "Diabetes Kid" by beth123 and "A Way of Living" by sammy1241, strangely specific re-imaginings of the hit musician's diagnosis with the condition. Read the full stories for yourself @ Paper's site. If you dare!

Paraphrased from @PaperMag.

ONTD: What's the kinkiest strangest fan-fic you've ever written?

'Civil War' Likely To Be First Of Many Films With Trailers Attached To New Star Wars To Debut Early

- Author says it was smart of Marvel to debut its trailer for Captain America: Civil War weeks before The Force Awakens to avoid overcrowding
- Several big films are likely to have new trailers attached to TFA, including: X:Men Apocalypse, Independence Day: Resurgence, Ninja Turtles 2, Ghostbusters, and Batman v Superman
- Author expects others to end up debuting trailers early to similarly get out ahead of other films (which may be true given that it was just announced that a new Batman v Superman preview is coming on Monday attached to Gotham)
- Also states that the corporate synergy with ABC (also owned by Disney) made it a good move to debut it on Jimmy Kimmel


I'm happy we got it early if only so we can temporarily retire this gif...